Outsourcing Talent has a specialist dedicated recruitment team that focuses on the European Digital and Media sector. We focus on all aspects of digital media delivered by media agencies, marketing departments and digital media owners / technology companies across the globe with a big focus on mobile app.

We predominantly work with disruptive, innovative companies who are in early growth mode and looking to attract the very best talent in the market. We have a vast network across London and Berlin with a response rate of over 73%.

Our team are seen as an authority within the digital media sector and are often invited to speak at conferencing networks across the UK, educating on the latest market trends, as well as how to seek the best talent that are in the market and not on the market. Our Head of Digital and Media used to run his own media company in the US so understands all the challenges business owners face when trying to build a strong team around them.

We cover all disciplines from middle management to ‘C’ level appointments with salary ranges from £40,000 upwards. We continue to have a 100% success rate on all retained searches across Europe which we are extremely proud off. We have placed some of the strongest sales teams across Europe which our clients are extremely thankful for.

If you are currently in expansion mode and looking for truly talented individuals then please reach out to one of our team. Here are a few assignments we recently filled…..

Head of Digital, Head of Sales, Head of Content Marketing, Software Developer, Social Strategist, SEO Manager, Account Director, CRM Manager, Digital Strategist.