Looking for a Cost-Effective RPO Solution?

Your own Applicant Tracking System

We can implement your very own Applicant Tracking System to be incorporated within your website.

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Can we really save you money?

Of course we can. We save our clients around 50% on their typical recruitment spend.

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On-site Recruiters

Our own experienced recruiters on-site to make sure your recruitment is managed effectively.

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Aerospace and Aviation Recruitment

Our team have been handling Aerospace and Aviation Recruitment for a number of years and we have successfully recruited large teams across the globe into MRO’s, IFEC, Air Traffic Management and Spacecraft Manufacturing organisations.

Cloud Computing Recruitment

SAAS / PAAS / IAAS –  We have a huge global network across the cloud & virtualisation technology markets recruiting people with SDN / NFV and Big Data experience. Our Cloud Computing Recruitment team all come from a computer science background.

Digital & Media Recruitment

By 2020 the global entertainment and media industry is predicted to be worth over £68 Billion in the UK alone. We are working with many entrepreneurial organisations in the UK and all over Europe, helping them grow quickly. Our Digital & Media Recruitment team have worked in the industry for many years.

Space / Earth Observation Recruitment

With SmallSats now being more affordable, many entrepreneurial satellite imagery / earth observation companies have recently entered the global market. We have successfully recruited for many recently funded organisations placing large teams over 12 – 24 month periods. Our Space / Earth Observation recruitment team have successfully recruited for the industry for over 10 years.

Cyber Security Recruitment

Cyber Security recruitment is one of the hottest topics with a huge global demand. We are successfully recruiting for numerous early growth organisations around the world where we are placing experienced ISO27001 / CISA / CISM / CISMP / CISSP / CLAS expats.


Fintech Recruitment

We predominately work with disruptive start-ups / earth growth organisations that are on the cutting edge of financial innovation. Fintech recruitment is extremely competitive, so partnering with a specialist Fintech recruitment agency is essential.



We save start-ups on average,
€250,000 - €350,000 a year


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